Getting rid of Freckles using PONDS

All of us has a skin problem especially in our face. And the most common nowadays is the acne or pimple. But for me, my problem is freckles. For 20 years of existence, I am not using anything on my face because I’m afraid that it may cause an irritation and can produce acne, since I don’t have one. Seriously, I don’t have pimple/acne on my face since I reached puberty. Heredity I think? 

I am very satisfied and comfortable on my face because it is smooth and doesn’t have any pimple or pimple mark. But when I get older, all my thoughts about my face turn into a depression. I thought that having a face without a pimple is an achievement but the freckles on my face bother me. It is not smooth looking and flawless after all. 

Everyone who notice this dark spots on my face always kept asking me what was that, I felt like “err. Do they need to notice it?”. I am a type of girl pa naman that doesn’t want to be noticed, but then again just because of this dark spot on my both cheeks makes me feel concious. It really hits my ego! It seems that my freckles is the cause of attraction. Since, it is noticeable due to my fair skin. Someone says it’s “cute”, but other says it’s not.

(The freckles on my cheeks is not that darker or bigger but you can clearly see that personally. When it comes in a photograph, its not that visible but you can see it. Just look at the picture closer)

Ps. Sorry for the face XD

I really don’t know what to do on how to get rid of this freckles that’s why I just shrug and continue life. (HAHAHAHA) Until my mom go home here in the Philippines (she’s at Dammam? Is that correct?). The first thing that I noticed is her flawless face, it is so makinis and her freckles were gone. My mom has a freckles before leaving the Philippines for 2 years. She has that bigger and darker freckles on her both cheeks which makes her face look tan. Due to curiosity, I asked her about what she’s using. She told me that ponds help her to get rid of the dark freckles. At first I don’t believe her, but she said that I can’t see the result without even trying. 

(And that was the picture of me and my mom. As you can see makinis na yung face niya)

After a couple of weeks of convincing myself to try ponds, I started to try it. My mom bought this one : 

Pond’s white beauty is infused with essence of Precious Korean Ginseng and Saffron, for best fairness in just 7 days. 


  1. can be use by person who has a sensitive skin like mine. 
  2. It is very mild that can’t make your skin from getting red.
  3.  It is not harsh on skin and easy to apply.
  4.  It is cold once you apply it unto your face.
  5.  It is best for controlling oil, all day long. Suits for persons who has a very oily skin.
  6. Easily absorbed
  7. Powder finished 
  8. Non-sticky

I started to use this for just a couple of weeks. I think its my 2nd week, but in just a couple of weeks I can feel the difference. My freckles became lighter and my face becomes smoother than the usual. It also helps me to control oil on my face. It is true that a powder finished cream that gives you a non-sticky and non oily skin.

But since, The freckles was still here. I think I need to wait for the result after the POND’s white beauty tube is empty. That’s the cons of using beauty products, you need to wait for too long to see the result. I will take a picture of mine once I get rid of my freckles. Soon on my next blog about my skin care routine. 
But if I will rate this product, I think I will give 4.5/5. Maybe because it was too early for me to review this product without even waiting to achieve the flawless skin that I want. Another thing is, many people including me trust this product. As you can see on the pictures that I provided above, this is the product that act fast. Imagine 2 weeks of using I saw the big difference in my face. It is very affordable and very effective.


7 thoughts on “Getting rid of Freckles using PONDS”

  1. Another blog of you that I admire. Another thing is that I like your face . You’re so beautiful πŸ™‚ Going back to your topic, do you know how I can get rid of my pimples? Ugh. It is so irritating and I’m not comfortable when they tend to get red when I’m applying a foundation on my face.


    1. Ohhhh really? Thank you for the complement. I assure you too have a wonderful face like mine. Ahmm. Actually I don’t have pimples to get rid off and that I don’t know why? So I don’t know how I can help you get rid of your pimple. But currently I have a brother that has a pimples, his just using petrolleum jelly until now. And I can see the difference on his face back then and now. It works for him but I don’t know if it will work on you.

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