Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Vitamin C Review

I tried using a lot of skin whitening products to maintain the color of my skin. Yet I’m afraid of taking whitening supplements due to its side effects and another thing is, I just wanted to maintain it in natural way. Soaps and lotions can help you achieve the fair skin that you want. Except for drinking more water which can really help you to reduce the dead skin cells on your skin. It is not neccessary to use or to take a whitening supplements especially if you don’t know the chemicals  that composed the ingredients of the supplements that you will take. Some supplements may don’t have a side effect but sooner or later can cause a problem inside your body.
In my entire life, I did not met my lotion which can help me to have a fairer skin. But I already met a lot of my matchy skin whitening soaps. Actually, there is a lot of whitening soaps which suits on my sensitive skin BUT did not whitens my skin. 

On instagram there is an account named sampleroom that intrigues me about their site. It says that “try before you buy”. I really want trying a product before buying it. Not just for being kuripot but just to make sure that the product was good enough and if it really suits my skin. Satisfaction in one word.Anyways, going on! So, I visited the site and I saw a lot of products which is really nice to try but there is only one product that caught my attention. This so called  “One wash wonder soap bars”. It made me think about this bar soap which helps to lighten your skin in just one use. Really? 

Actually, I know that this statement used to caught everyones attention. In a simple explanation “binobola lang tayo”. HAHAHA! But then, I bought the product using my points that cost me for only 20 points. And for days of waiting nagamit ko na din siya. 

Today, Naubos na yung isang bar and wanna know bout my review? Just keep scrolling.


PRODUCT: New Olay Skin Whitening Bar

VARIANTS: with Vitamin C

PRICE: 90g | Php 46.00

                       REVIEW •

Honestly, this bar soap did not whitens my skin. I don’t think that it also lightens my skin a little bit. Sadly, its just like the other soaps that only suits on my skin but didn’t help to lighten my skin. The good thing about this soap is it really helps to smoothen your skin and have a long lasting fragrance all over your body. No need to use scented lotion. 

Suits to : 

Sensitive persons and who has a very dry skin.


My favorite about this product is the smell of it. Yung tipong naiiwan yung amoy sa katawan mo. 

I will give this product a 4 stars 🙂


5 thoughts on “Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Vitamin C Review”

  1. Wow great. 🙂 Maybe you should try the Olay with Roseship extract? Correct me if I’m wrong but the color pink bar soap. Its nice and has a lasting fragrance.


    1. Hey thank you so much. I’m flattered in your response. Anyways, I already tried the olay pink bark soap with roseship and milk. It’s true that it has a long-lasting fragrance just like some of the olay soap bars OLAY have.


    1. Aw. Sorry for that. I’m just saying that I’m not fond of using whitening supplements because I’m afraid of taking it. We have different things on how we can make ourselves more beautiful than ever. For me I can achieve that fairer and glowing skin by natural way but the disadvanatge of this is that I can’t get that result as fast as I want, unlike you who’s taking whitening supplement which I searched that it is the fastest way to achieve a fair skin.


      1. Yeah is that so thank you for the response anyway. But you can also try taking whitening supplement because it is way better than using external whitening products.


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