KJM Cheek & Liptint Review ❤️

Hello! Today I will be sharing my experience in KJM Cheek and Liptint with the shade of Bittersweet Magenta. First of all, I would like to share with you guys how I ended up using Liptint instead of Lipsticks. 

A few months ago, I am very satisfied using lipstick since I am fair and have a pale lips. I really enjoyed lipstick because it gives me a highglight and very strong look on my face. But I am not using darker shades instead, I only use pink, light pink or nudes. Suddenly, I noticed that my lip gets dry and dull. I also got wounds that makes my lips red and itchy which doesn’t really look good. First, I thought that maybe I ate something but I noticed that its the lipstick. Any brand of lipstick really makes my lips itchy and red. So, based on my experience I think that I have an allergy on lipsticks and that’s why I ended up using liptint. 

Anyways, I got my lips back through the use of Petroleum Jelly (Herbolé) since petroleum jelly is a moisturizer. And it also helps my lips to have a pinkish color which I really love. But I am not still satisfied on it that I wanted to have a product that will help my lips stand out. On my research I had found that I can also use lipbalms or liptints. The first thing that comes on my mind is that, “I don’t like the shiny somewhat oily kind of lips”. Probably, its the lip balms that gives shiny look. But when I looked on the other side I was curious about the LIPTINT. Actually, I don’t have anything to say on Liptint since I haven’t tried it yet.

When I scrolled down, I notice the picture of Sofia Andres. She really looks good with the no make up make up look and that I was really curious on what she’s using on her lips in the picture. First, I thought that it’s a lipstick I guess? Since celebrities usually uses lipstick nowadays. But when I click the picture there’s a caption “KJM Cheek and Liptint Review”. I did not open the site instead I open my instagram acct. and search for Sofia Andres and then one of the caption on her picture is “KJM Cheek And Liptint”. I also got the shade but I didn’t get the store where she bought it. 
And then there is a shop on instagram selling authentic KJM products so without hesitation I buy one. When I received the product I immediately used it praying that I don’t have an allergy on it. AND YES! I did not had allergy reaction. I’m still using it and very much satisfied.

Here’s the picture:

NAME: KJM Cheek & Liptint

SHADE: Bittersweet Magenta

PRICE: 150.00/10ml

(Pero may nakita naman akong mura but I don’t know if that’s authentic)


  • Non-sticky; very smooth when you damp it on your lips.
  • Look natural; As if hindi ka nakaliptint because it usually blends on your lips.
  • Affordable; thinking that you can have a lipstick and a blush in one.
  • Tipid; Kahit konti lang idamp mo sa lips mo okey na.


  • You can only buy through online.
  • Isn’t sure whether its authentic or not. Since marami ng fake ngayon. 

Here’s my picture wearing KJM:

What I like?

  1. Affordable
  2. Tipid
  3. Really suits on my sensitive lips
  4. It doesn’t smell bad
  5. Non-sticky which is very smooth sa lips and cheeks


I will give 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I am really really satisfied and I’m really loving this KJM Cheek and Liptint. I heard there’s a new look of KJM, so looking forward to avail one soon. You too can buy one 😋

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