Hand Care Review: Β  -HYGIENIX Anti-bacterial Hand Spray πŸ’§

All of us wanted to have a Clean and Protected hands. Everywhere we go we can’t avoid GERMS. Sometimes we don’t know that the germs are right there in the glasses, plates and utensils we use in a fast food chain/restaurant. When we go to a comfort room, some of us forget to wash their hands in the faucet/sink especially when they were in a hurry because of the person whose waiting outside. Like me, I am so lazy to wash my hands with water after using toilet. For me, I think it would waste my time to roam around HAHAHA especially pag nasa mall. I know that it is really important to wash your hands when you use toilet and  even before or after you eat, but the point is Sobrang nakakatamad talaga. I am not washing my hands when I know it’s still clean. I don’t even use scented sanitizer, alcohol or etc. I just thought that those who are using hand care products ay yun lang mga maaarte na ayaw madumihan. I never thought that in order to achieve healthy lifestyle, you should protect your hands first from germs. I actually heard that one in tv commercial I guess? I forgot pero siguro nabasa ko lang. I just can’t remember! Anyways, I understand the thought of keeping your hands clean and protected kase diba illness/sickness or should I say disease can be pass through personal contact?Apparently, all of us are not really aware of what we are touching. An example of a scenario is that when you touch something (ex. a dog) and then suddenly you crinkle your nose with your hand. Dito na magsisimula yung pagkalat ng germs, so in order to be well-protected sa mga germs or in disease-causing bacteria we need to wash our hands regularly after using it. And to make sure that there is no more bacteria try to use alcohols or sanitizer. I highly recommend Hygienix Anti-bacterial Hand spray, not because I have one but because I have proven the capacity of it to help me feel protected and clean at the same time.


————– ❀REVIEW ❀ —————

BRAND : Hygienix

PRODUCT: Hygienix Anti-bacterial Hand Spray

PRICE: 20ml | php 25.00 ; 55ml | php 39.50

  1. It can be use without the need of rinsing your hands with water. (But if there is a visible dirt, it is advisable to wash your hands with water before applying this hand spray)
  2. It has a very mild scent which is not similar to other alcohol brands. I guess the fragrance have an aroma of leaves. 
  3. It is a non-drying formula that keeps hand moisturize and soft. 


  1. Fragrance doesn’t last longer. You can easily smell the scent right after you spray it in your hands but suddenly you will notice no scent on your hands after rubbing it. 

What I like?

  • Scent; the scent is not just an ordinary alcohol-like, there is something herbal fragrance on it which is really mild and pleasant in my nose.
  • Can be a hand moisturizer
  • Can be used even if you do not wash your hands with water.
  • I also like the packaging which is really simple yet eye catchy. 
  • Afforfable. It worth the price πŸ™‚

Where to buy?

I searched on the net and they are selling online but I still don’t know if meron to sa drugstores or malls. If you can’t find one, try to visit @sampleroom.ph. I just got mine for only 10 pts. You can also have some of the products as long as you have points. 


    I will give this product a 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟 since okey naman siya and I love the scent eventhough it can’t stay longer. Still, it can makes my hands CLEAN and PROTECTED. 


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